Download EngDatEditor 1.1 (Newest and only one)

EngDatEditor (Hereafter EDE) is a must have tool for everyone who even thinks of modding/hacking Space Rangers 2.
Althought the modding/hacking capabilites are quite restricted. Before you actually edit the .dat files you need to extract them out of another file with PKGUnPackEng.
Once you have extracted it, open it with EDE.
  1. Open EDE.
  2. Find DAT file: and click the three dots at the end of the box.
  3. Locate your dat file.
  4. Click Load.
Loading will take some time depending on the file, but once it's loaded you can edit it. More about hacking eng.dat file in here.
Always make a backup of the file you're going to edit, in case you screw up.