Welcome to Scientific Base!

Scientific Base is the one and only source for cheaters in Space Rangers 2. Althought this site concentrates on cheating, there also few extremely usefull guides.

If you haven't really read topics from Elemental Games forums, you might not know that Elemental Games did pretty damn good job making Space Rangers 2 almost completely idiot-proof for hacking. Meaning it's very hard to hack this game, but there are very few break throughs. More of those in the hacking section.

2017-07-22 Update

I have no intentions of continuing work on the site, fixing the broken grammar, or bad HTML markup. However I have fixed a handful of broken links but some files are still missing and I don't feel like hunting them down. I don't think this site is particularly useful as there are most likely much better guides available for modding Space Rangers 2 (not that I'm certain, I haven't played the game in years) but I've decided to keep the website online for posterity. Check out my main site at Dataorb.net for more recent content... well actually I'm mostly just hosting legacy sites like this.